Thomas W. Tobin

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Tom Tobin is a truly great mediator. I will use him every chance I get.

Jim Thomas

Ichter Thomas LLC

Tom is simply the best there is at what he does.

Pete Wellborn

Wellborn, Wallace, & Woodard, LLC

Tom Tobin was quite good. He got the case settled for an amount greater than I expected. (I represented the plaintiffs, so that's good.) I had a difficult client and Tom handled her firmly and diplomatically.

Richard T. Taylor

Taylor & Viers, P.C.

Tom Tobin did an excellent job of understanding the case and understanding the personality of the plaintiff. He recognized immediately the best way to approach the plaintiff with a settlement offer. We settled the case shortly after my client's first offer.

Brent Estes

Dennis, Corry, Porter & Smith LLP

Tom Tobin is excellent. Tom has a great demeanor, has the respect of all parties and counsel, and is well versed in the law. Tom is always more than a simple "number carrier". He explains strengths and weaknesses to all parties and is not afraid to give his opinion on an issue.

Moore, Clark, DuVall & Rodgers

Albany, GA

Tom Tobin is possibly the most talented mediator I have ever encountered. A real magician!

Anne M. Landrum

Mozely, Finlayson & Loggins

Recently had a very challenging mediation with Tom Tobin which involved several offers and counteroffers that weren't in either side's files. Tom kept the mediation going smoothly, and even when we hit this bump in the orad Tom was able to keep both sides engaged and we ended up with a successful mediation. I highly recommend Tom as a mediator.

Philip Lorenz

Scott Pryor Law

Tom Tobin is, and always has been, at the top of the mediator profession. He is exceptionally skilled, inventive, persuasive, fair, moves the case toward resolution even under difficult circumstances, is candid and respected by all parties.

Robert P. Bleiberg

Hill & Bleiberg

Our mediator, Tom Tobin, was great; top notch! I will be sure to request him again in the future.

Kenneth L. Royal

Royal & Vaughan, LLC

Tom Tobin is great. He is very savvy, reads the pre-mediation statements and knows the case and is very practical but can be very firm, when necessary. My clients really like him, as do I.

Al Adams

Holland & Knight

Tom Tobin was prepared, professional, and extremely helpful in resolving this case. I would highly recommend him and Henning in the future.

Michael Moran

Michael Moran & Associates

After nearly 40 years of practice in litigating intellectual property cases, and having mediated all over the country, I rate Tom Tobin as one of the best.

Robert W. Ward

Myers & Kaplan

Tom Tobin settled the case when it looked early on like it would never settle. I'm glad we had him as our mediator.

Pete Fisher

Georgia Attorney General's Office

Tom Tobin is the best mediator in ATL--bar none.

Cary Ichter

Ichter Thomas

[Tom Tobin] was absolutely awesome. This was my first mediation without co-counsel and Tom graciously steered me in the right direction.

Dana M. Harris-Abraham

Dana M. Harris-Abraham, P.C.

Mr. Tobin was well prepared and professionally addressed me and my clients.

H. Lawrence Perry

Perry & Young, PA

Tom Tobin is a quick study, and a master of the art of mediation. Tom gets the job done!

Howard Lessinger

McLain & Merritt

Tom Tobin did an outstanding job. My client was satisfied that she was treated fairly and she left with a much better appreciation for the justice system as a direct result of Tom's professional demeanor and patient and caring attitude.

Wayne Bond

Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, PLLC

As always Mr. Tobin is fantastic. He is able to get all parties to put aside all that has happened in the litigation to date and get down to just resolving the case. I am always impressed at how he can read the situation and the players and give fresh insight as to the facts and the potential outcomes of a case. It doesn\'t hurt that he has a great sense of humor :)

Tani Trumble

Gilroy Bailey Trumble

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