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Rex once again showed why he is at the top of his profession. His earnestness and perseverance is second-to-none. Mediating a challenging and emotional case, he found a way to achieve a resolution.

James Attwood

The Attwood Firm

Rex is the best mediator in town! He has the credibility to tell someone on either side when they are taking an unreasonable position and I trust that he will never lead me in the wrong direction.

Brian Mohs

Fried Rogers Goldberg LLC

I wanted to tell you again how impressed I was with your work the other night/morning for us. You came as advertised – a consummate professional and engaging, effective mediator.

Josh Sacks

Law Offices of Josh Sacks, PC.

I want to thank you for your exceptional work on the mediation of this case. You have a natural ability to persuade the entrenched while building trust. All of the clients I have introduced to you have remarked about your talent as a mediator.

R. Clay Porter

Dennis, Corry, Porter & Smith, LLP

Rex, we really appreciate all you have done. You did a terrific job in a very difficult case. I hope we can work with you many times into the future.

Brian Epps

Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP

My highest compliments to you for your skills as a mediator and the rapport and respect you earn with your thoughtfulness, insights, preparation, and consideration of both sides.

Bryan A. Vroon

Vroon & Crongeyer, LLP

I appreciate your professionalism and dedicated approach to the mediation we just completed.

Jason L. Nohr

Cauthorn, Nohr & O’Dell, P.C.

Mediation resolved five lawsuits filed by five different attorneys representing 15 Plaintiffs with two sets of Defendants. Rex was determined to settle all the cases. I have never seen anyone work harder than he did. It took 14 hours and I am confident he would have gone another 14 if needed.

Bill Casey

Hicks, Casey & Morton

Rex Smith was outstanding. It was a complex case and he got on top of it, and this was essential to the credibility of the communications he had with the parties that guided the case toward resolution.

Harry W. MacDougald

Caldwell, Propst & DeLoach

Thank you for your help with the mediation of this case yesterday. I think we reached a fair result, and your help was instrumental in getting that done. My client was very impressed with your work and told that you were “exactly the mediator we needed.” I look forward to working with you again.

Elenore Cotter Klingler

Thank you for helping us resolve this matter. You did a masterful job in keeping the ball rolling. My client, who has now participated in several Henning mediations, was especially pleased with the way you handled the negotiations. I will continue to recommend your services to my partners and my clients. Thanks again.

Jonathan M. Adelman

Harper Waldon & Craig

Just wanted you to know that I am again in your debt for a job exceptionally well done. Keith and I are quite certain the case would not have settled without your meticulous preparation and dogged pursuit of the goal. The experience, expertise and intelligence you brought to the table was invaluable.

Susan V. Sommers

Northside Hospital, Inc.

I can truly say that I have never had the pleasure of using or benefitting from a better mediator. Thanks for your wisdom and persistence.

Wayne M. Marchant

Memorial Health, Inc.

I have been mediating cases with Henning and Rex Smith for over 10 years. In 22 years of practicing law, I can say without exception, there is simply no better Neutral, anywhere.

Michael Carvalho

Carvalho & Associates, PC

Rex Smith does an exceptional job mediating all cases. This was an especially sensitive case involving liability disputes as well as coverage disputes. He did a great job.

Robert Katz

Katz Wright Fleming Dodson & Mildenhall, LLC

Hands down, Rex Smith is the best in the business. His skill as a mediator is truly exceptional and his ability to relate to clients is unsurpassed.

Michael Carvalho

Carvalho & Associates, PC

You’re the best mediator I’ve ever worked with. Thanks for helping us conclude this one.

Bruno J. Bischoff

Field Claims Manager

As always, you did an excellent job. You have a great talent for working with people and helping them come together to solve their disputes.

Matthew G. Moffett

Gray, Rust, St. Amand, Moffett & Brieske, L.L.P.

I wanted to again thank you for your assistance in resolving our case yesterday. I think that you are by far one of the best mediators I have had the pleasure to work with. You do an excellent job and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Eugene S. Hatcher, Jr.

Jones, Cork & Miller, LLP

Rex Smith did a super job. We probably would not have gotten the case resolved without him. He is one of the best mediators I have ever worked with.

George E. Wilson

Wilson Martin & Downs, LLC

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