Nicholas C. Moraitakis

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We just wanted to thank [Nick] for [his] efforts in helping our clients work through and understand this process. I know that they all were much more comfortable with the whole mediation process as a result of [Nick's] ability to explain this to them in terms they could understand as we progressed step-by-step, and they really trusted [Nick's] input on this because of that.

David L. Hudgins

I always have great success and feel at ease with your group. I have worked with a variety of mediators over at Henning and feel they are all top notch. Yesterday was my first interaction with Nick Moraitakis and I valued his input and assistance in getting this case settled particularly since this was my first without counsel accompanying me. When it comes to difficult cases, your group handles them exceptionally well.

Luke O'Brien

Travelers General Liability

Nicks wide range and background as a trial lawyer (for both plaintiffs and defendants) and as a former legislator, gave him the ability to immediately identify the issues and the true interests of the parties. We worked throughout the day and were finally able to resolve this difficult case solely because of Nicks skill, diplomacy and persistence. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a savvy mediator for a difficult case.

S. Lester Tate, III

Akin & Tate, P.C.

Nick was skilled, tactful, personable, and highly-effective. He did a great job!

David Currie

The Currie Firm

Nick Morataikis is one of the finest mediators that I have ever worked with. He is knowledgeable, professional, engaging, and discerning. He cuts straight to the heart of the case quickly and with remarkable precision. I would recommend him to anyone that is mediating a complicated personal injury tort matter.

Christopher Cohilas

Watson Spence LLP

Nick Moraitakis did an excellent job!

Tony Moss, Esq.

White, Choate & Watkins, LLC

Nick did a fantastic job. He made sure he thoroughly understood the liability issues and, using that knowledge, he was very effective at discussing the risks with both parties. He kept the parties moving towards settlement all day. I would highly recommend him to counsel for both defendants and plaintiffs. He had a very balanced approach and was willing to push both parties.

Robert Katz

The Katz Law Firm

Nick recently helped us resolve a significant personal injury case with a unique damages component which had the potential to hinder a settlement. Nicks success in mediating the case was due in large part to his ability to quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of each sides position and to fairly evaluate the value of the claim. Just as important, however, was the fact that Nick is respected and trusted by both sides of the bar. The combination of experience, insight and credibility that Nick brings to the mediation table is a formula for success.

Adam Princenthal

Andrews, Knowles & Princenthal, LLC

Henning provided a top-flight mediator and a comfortable and welcome setting.

Richard G. Freeman, Esq.

Philadelphia, PA

Nick was able to take a fairly complex situation with the number of parties and issues and get us together to settle the case. Pushed us when we needed to be pushed and helped with some client issues that seemed to be going out of control. Highly recommend him in the future.

David Harris

Sico White Hoelscher Harris & Braugh

We recently mediated a case with Nick Moraitakis. Nick's career as a successful trial attorney for both plaintiffs and defendants brings a unique and balanced perspective to the table. He understands not only the legal and financial issues and the dynamics of the courtroom, but also appreciates the emotional investment that parties have in their cases. It results in a practical and creative approach that gets things done.

Scott Barksdale

Law Office of M. Scott Barksdale

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