N.S. (Ken) Kendrick, III

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I wanted to thank you again for your hard work in getting this case settled yesterday. You went above and beyond; that was clear to me. I really don’t think another mediator could have settled this case. I was not optimistic about our chances. So, thank you so much.

Linda Carpenter

The Brosnahan Law Firm

Ken Kendrick is a superb mediator. He got this matter settled against a very challenging backdrop. We could not be happier with his performance.

Eric Taylor

Parker Hudson Rainer & Dobbs

I don’t believe this case would have settled without your efforts. You are to be commended for what you do and how well you do it.

Patrick McCrary, Esq.

Pride Medical, Inc.

Mr. Kendrick provided exceptional services. He deftly navigated among a very determined (and stubborn) FDIC, counsel for five individual defendants, and the very determined representatives of the defendants' D&O carrier. Mr. Kendrick went above and beyond the call of duty and accomplished results where most mediators would have failed (including a JAMS mediator who conducted a mediation two years before). Mr. Kendrick is an outstanding mediator and I would recommend him without hesitation.

Floyd Boone

Bowles Rice LLP

So far, Ken is batting 1.000 with my cases! Every one has settled at, or shortly after, mediation through his excellent work. Ken is always my first choice mediator for all my cases. He is fair and balanced, approaching each side in a manner which causes them to sincerely consider their case. I've had clients who really needed a reality check, and the same was true for the insurers on the other side. Ken got it done, and thereby served the process extremely well in my view.

James Leonard

Barnes & Thornburg LLP

Ken Kendrick is an outstanding mediator. He has the perfect combination of litigation experience and mediator's temperament. I would recommend him for cases of any size or complexity.

Adam S. Katz

Katz Litigation Group LLC

Ken did a great job helping the parties reach a reasonable resolution. First time that I used Ken. I would definitely use him again.

Brendan J. McCarthy

Andre Blaustein Kill & McCarthy, LLP

I want to express by appreciation for the skill and diplomacy with which you mediated the litigation between Dr. Kaswan and the University of Georgia Research Foundation. Based on my prior attempts to negotiate a settlement of the litigation, I was skeptical as to whether the mediation would be successful. It was a pleasure having you as our mediator. I would welcome the opportunity to recommend you to other lawyers in the future.

Emmet Bondurant

Bondurant Mixon & Elmore, LLC

Ken Kendrick is an outstanding business mediator who has the ability to simplify complex legal problems and present the case to the opposing parties in such a way that settlement is made possible. He is a complement to our profession.

Ed Tolley

Cook Noell Tolley & Bates, LLP

Ken did a wonderful job helping us work through a complicated intellectual property case. Ken's dedication and creativity over two days was essential to getting the case resolved.

Eric Frisch

Carlock Copeland & Stair, LLC

I thought you did a tremendous job in very difficult circumstances. Your patience was truly the key to the resolution. I hope to have the opportunity to work with you again and will recommend you highly to anyone who will listen.

Rob Huestis

Robert S. Huestis, P.C.

Ken did a masterful job.

Tommy Greer

Greer Tisinger Law

Ken Kendrick was excellent. He was insightful, practical and was not hesitant to jettison unproductive participants from the mediation. I would highly recommend him and request him again.

Monica K. Gilroy

Dickenson Gilroy LLC

Ken Kendrick was terrific. He was well informed, and very engaged in our case. His insight was very helpful throughout the process.

Charles Van Horn

Berman Fink Van Horn PC

Ken Kendrick did a great job. I did not think the case had much hope of settling at mediation. Ken's good work got the Defendant to realistically assess its exposure, and make a fair offer.

Eric L. Jensen

Graham & Penman, LLP

Ken Kendrick handled the mediation in a very efficent and professional manner. Even though we did not settle at mediation, there was no question that it was not the fault of the neutral as Ken went overboard to try to make it happen.

Dana Braun

Callaway, Braun, Riddle & Hughes, P.C

I had low expectations of reaching settlement. Ken overcame serious obstacles and brought the parties together.

J. Bertram Levy

Fine and Block

Ken did an excellent job with a complex case and challenging parties on the other side of the case.

Rod G. Meadows

Meadows & Macie

This was a complicated multi-party matter that Ken Kendrick helped the parties resolve without the expensive, contentious and potentially embarrassing lawsuits that would have ensued. Ongoing business relationships were preserved as well.

Ken Gorenberg

Barnes & Thornburg LLP

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