Hon. M. Gino Brogdon, Sr.

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Gino Brogdon is an excellent mediator. I do not believe that our case would have settled if we did not have the benefit of his unique skills and experience. He is smart; he listens, and he quickly identifies the strengths and weaknesses of both sides. My clients trusted him.

Annette Idalski

Chamberlain Hrdlicka White Williams

Gino is hands down the best mediator I have ever worked with. Particularly his introduction to my client quickly built trust based on his vast past experience, personal life philosophy and charisma.

J. Russell B. Pate

The Pate Law Firm, St. Thomas, VI

Gino is a dedicated and talented mediator.

Gary Freed

Thompson Hine, LLP

[Michael] Neff credited the mediator, Gino Brogdon of Henning Mediation & Arbitration Service, with bringing the parties together. He said Brogdon kept communicating with both sides after the failed meeting, leading them to settle last week.


Gino is absolutely fantastic! We had a difficult case, and although we were unable to resolve the case, he did a great job! We will definitely be using him in the future.

Tiffany C. Sellers, Esq.

Insley & Race LLC

Gino Brogdon is the best. No one else could have settled this case other than him.

E. Alan Miller

E. Alan Miller, PC

Judge Brogdon is the perfect balance of high IQ and EQ -- intellectual aplomb and people skills!

Scott Busby

Busby | Negin

Gino was great, as always. Thank you.

Brynda Insley

Insley & Race, LLC

Today was another example of why I believe you are in the top echelon of all mediators.

You quickly picked up on the dynamics of the parties and factual details of the case and applied appropriate pressure on the parties to resolve the matter.

Your mediation approach simply is excellent and I am very appreciative that we have someone with your mediation skills in Atlanta. Aside from quickly grasping the law that applies and sizing up the strengths and weaknesses of a case, your ability to connect with clients of all shapes, sizes, temperaments and motives is powerful.

Bradley T. Adler

Freeman Mathis & Gary, LLP

(Judge) Gino M. Brogdon is a phenomenal mediator. Neither my client nor I could have been happier.

Sybil Bates McCormack

Barrett & Farahany, LLP

[Judge Brogdon] was outstanding. He was fair and professional. [Judge Brogdon] was definitely effective as he was able to resolve a case that I was not so sure, due to the nature of the issues and facts, would reach any form of resolution except via the court system.

Selinda D. Handsford, Esq.

Handsford Law, PC

We had the pleasure of working with Judge Brogdon, who did an excellent job of getting our case resolved. The office and staff were all first class.

Tom and Charles Blaska

The Blaska Law Firm

Judge Brogdon has not changed a bit since he was on the bench, he still does a great job!

William J. McKenney

McKenney & Froelich

Gino Brogdon is a highly skilled mediator with exceptional abilities in communication and relating to individuals from diverse backgrounds, ranging from CEOs to day laborers. With his remarkable talents, Gino has consistently achieved resolutions that may have remained unresolved in less capable hands. Gino's expertise and unique approach make him the best in the business!

Erik H. Olson

The Olson Law Firm, LLC

Gino Brogdon was OUTSTANDING! He immediately made my clients feel comfortable that they were in the right place with the right Mediator. He quickly grasped and analyzed the crucial issues and was "nonstop and relentless" in his pursuit and desire to resolve the matter in as equitable fashion as practical and possible. His knowledge of the subject matter was unparalleled and I could not have been more pleased. I would not hesitate to request him as a Mediator in all of my matters where alternative dispute resolution may be beneficial.

Steve Friedberg

Stephen M. Friedberg, Attorney At Law, LLC

Gino Brogdon was awesome. He really spent time explaining to my client that a trial would be risky because the client's case had numerous soft spots. He was skillful yet courteous and patient. He allowed my client to talk about all of the pain and grief he experienced in life as well as from the wreck. In the final analysis, the case would not have settled but for the skill of Gino Brogdon.

Torris J. Butterfield, Esq.

Torris J. Butterfield & Associates, PC

Gino Brogdon was great! He was energetic and kept things moving expeditiously. I was most impressed that he did not waste our time. In no small part to his efforts, we had a good outcome which was fair to everyone. I think everyone on both sides were satisfied.

Jimmie Brown

Brown & Scoccimaro PC

Judge Brogdon was excellent, as usual. A pleasure to have as our mediator and he secured an appropriate result for all parties.

Bradley T. Adler

Freeman Mathis & Gary, LLP

Judge Brogdon is an excellent mediator. He has that rare combination of intelligence, wit and compassion that can actually make even gladiators take pause, reconsider and move towards resolution. None better

Susan M. Cremer, Esq

Law Offices of Michael Lawson Neff PC

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