Arthur H. Glaser

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Over a period of two years, Art guided the plaintiffs and four defendants involved in a storm water run-off case through countless formal and informal sessions, finally solving a problem that had confounded the parties and the local government for years.

Mike Reeves

Friend, Hudak & Harris, LLP

Art Glaser did a great job and was a pleasure to work with.

Edward Cole

Akerman, LLP

Art was very knowledgeable and effective.

Brad Fraser

Leitner, Williams, Dooley & Napolitan, PLLC

Art is a great Mediator.

Kenneth D. Jones

Hall Booth Smith, P.C.

Mr. Glaser did his homework beforehand. At the mediation, he quickly discerned between practical and impractical motivators and effectively steered the parties towards a decision based on relevant matters. Would gladly use him again.

Patrick C. Hess

Nielsen, Zehe & Antas, P.C.

Could not have been more pleased with the work of our mediator. It was an all day affair and would not have settled without the mediator's input and effort. My clients were very pleased.

D. James Jordan

Adams, Jordan & Treadwell

Art Glaser brings something special to the table every time he mediates a case. He instantly defines the impediments to settlement and works to overcome them. His experience as a trial attorney and his remarkable gift for understanding people put him in a class all his own.

Bill Casey

Hicks, Casey & Foster, P.C.

You can always count on Art.

J. David Stuart

The J.D. Stuart Law Group, LLC

Art is fantastic. This was my first mediation. I was extremely impressed with Art's willingness to explain everything to our client. He took his time and was compassionate to her needs. He was truthfully gentle and made the experience for all of us comfortable and as relaxing as possible.

Andrea Oliver

The Taylor Firm, PC

This was my first mediation with Art Glaser. Mr. Glaser certainly is a gentleman and a first class mediator as I expect from Henning.

Robert L. (Lucky) Chandler

Fox Chandler Homans Hicks & McKinnon, LLP

Art Glaser served as the mediator. He did an excellent job was efficient with everyone's time. My client and I were very pleased with his services.

Daniel Wolter

Daniel Wolter Law Firm, LLC

Art Glaser did a wonderful job handling the very difficult circumstances surrounding the facts in our case. He was able to candidly address the facts with both sides and credibly force us to evaluate our positions and achieve a compromise.

Michael D. Hostetter

Nall & Miller

I had never used Art on a coverage case before. I was very impressed with how Art handled the numerous technical legal issues. My client, who had never been to Henning, was very impressed as well.

Nicole W. Stout

Strawinski & Stout, PC

Art Glaser was his usual extraordinary self. I was alone in my room all day, without the opportunity to bounce my reactions and ideas off an ally. I appreciated his willingness to offer suggestions and help me work through the best strategy. This case did not settle, but we ended close enough that it will likely resolve in the next few days.

Judy F. Aust, Esq.

Goodman, McGuffy, Lindsey & Johnson LLP

Art Glaser did an excellent job for us. He asked insightful questions from the beginning of the mediation, which guided all three parties to the settlement of the case. I thought he did an excellent job on a very difficult case.

William D. (Billy) Harrison

Mozley, Finlayson & Loggins

Art Glaser did an outstanding job in bringing the dispute to an agreeable resolution. I appreciate his hard work and ability.

Alan Garber

The Garber Law Firm

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